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Water Softener

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In Dublin there are many different types of water supplied. Some areas have very soft water, yet some have extremely hard water which contains a lot of Lime.

Hard water over time can lead to Limescale being formed. It effects Taps, Showers, Washing Machines, etc, and it significantly decreases the lifespan of your Appliances such as washing machines,  boilers, etc. This is where a water softener comes into action.

The only way to overcome this is to fit a Water Softener Kit onto the incoming water main. This electronically breaks-down the limescale particles within the water. Using ultra-low frequency radio-waves, the System 50 generates an induction energy field which alters the characteristics of the hard salts.

So, instead of allowing the formation of limescale the salts stay in a solution. Existing scale goes into suspension and is then gradually removed from the system, leaving you with a a scale free home at a cost you can afford, (typically less that €5 per year).

Also worth noting, that if you were to install a water softener in your home that was previously affected by hard water limescale, the Softened water, will over time, clean out the pipes,appliances, etc. So it is always a good time to invest in one.

Benefits of a Water Softener

There are many benefits of our Water Softener systems and just a few are listed below:

    • Appliances Last Longer (dishwashers, washing machines, kettle, etc)
    • Heating Systems Last Longer (Boilers, Radiators, etc)
    • Tastes Better, (For the Perfect Cuppa)
    • Reduces Skin Irritation and can help reduce Eczema flareups
    • Hair feels better and cleaner after washing
    • Better Lathering whilst washing or showering
  • Less Harmful Chemical used to clean up Limescale

Water Softener

Suppose you were to take the time and add up the amount of times that you would have had to get your washing machine fixed, replaced your kettle or replaced parts of your heating system.All these are due to the effects of Limescale then you would immediately see the benefit of a Water Softener! These costs can run into the thousands of euro when spread over a number of years.

Water Softener

Our Engineers have installed hundreds of these Water Softener systems in Dublin and the feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Even down to a drink from the tap tastes completely different after the installation, and there is no more ‘scummy’ deposit on the side of your cup of tea remaining after you have drunk it. Your clothes feel softer and fresher after washing, as does your hair and skin after you shower; the differences is amazing. 

Water Softener Cost

The cost of these systems can vary depending on exactly which model you require. If you live in a larger home then the cost is going to be larger as a larger unit is required for more capacity than if you live in an apartment.

Prices start from €250 for a basic system, but you can add extras like a filtered water tap and they would be priced upon request.

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