Water Pump Repair

There are many types of domestic water pumps in use in homes and businesses today. These include walrus pumps, Grundfos Pumps, wilo pumps and ebara pumps to name a few and there are many more! Then there are the different types of pump, positive head pumps, negative head pumps, shower booster pumps and mains- water boosting Pumps.

Water pump
Grundfos Scala2 Pump

All of these pumps share common components and work on the exact same principles of operation. Thankfully this means that they can be repaired if necessary easily and quickly as long as you know what to do obviously…

How does a water pump work.

Water pump repair
Cross-section of a water pump

To understand how they work look at the image above which shows the water pump internal components. Firstly, the water flows into the pump at low pressure through the inlet pipe at the middle left of the diagram. Water then passes into the impeller chamber, these spin at very high speed as they are driven by the motor, bottom right. Impellers pressurise the water, which is then forced up into the top chamber, top middle, and is stored there at high pressure until required. When the tap/shower is turned on the water leaves the pump through the outlet, top left, at high pressure and the motor starts to keep a constant supply of water supply. The pump will keep running until the tap/shower is turned off and the pressure in the pump is stabilised.

Water Pump
Stuart Turner Pump repair

Water Pump Repair

Should issue develops with your pump, it is usually an issue with either the pump leaking, pump starting and stopping without taps being used or becoming noisy. These issues are quite commonplace and to the experienced engineer they are relatively ease to fix also.

Grundfos PM1controller
Grundfos PM1

To ensure a full repair service, our trained engineers carry a large quantity of spare parts in their vans for all of the major pump types in use. The engineer will diagnose the issue speedily and will tell you exactly what would be required to repair it with a comprehensive price. If this is agreeable, they will proceed with the repair so as to minimise the disruption to the water supply in the property.

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If you require any assistance with any of these pump types, please feel free to contact us for more information or for an appointment at a time that suits you. Or alternatively, you can send us a message on WhatsApp or use the contact form here and we shall contact you.

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