Walrus Water Pump

If you are experiencing problems with your Walrus Pump or would like a new Walrus TQ400 water pump installed due to low water pressure in your home. Or if you would like to fit a pressurised water cylinder then give us a call.

Walrus  Water Pump

We stock the full Walrus range, the Walrus TQ200, Walrus TQ400 and also the Walrus TQ800 pump and also the newer HQ200, HQ400 and HQ800 pumps which are 20% quieter in operation and have electronic speed control to ensure even water flow even when multiple taps and showers are opened.

Why use Walrus Pumps?

We have found that after many years installing and repairing all types of water boosting pumps that Walrus Pumps offer the best balance between cost and reliability. They will quite happily run and run for many years and their stainless steel construction ensures durability. If they require a repair, the parts are readily available and can be fitted immediately, unlike some of the other manufacturers pump, which can take days to get the spare part delivered.

How to contact us

Call us on 0874048238, email us at info@cityplumbers.ie or complete a contact form and we will call you back. We are open 24hrs for immediate service and rapid callout 7 days a week.

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