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Walrus Pumps Ireland are an excellent choice for pressurised water supply in your home or business.

Walrus Pumps

To understand which walrus pump you require you have to first decided on what pressure you require at your showers, etc. There are 3 main types of pumps available; a 2.5 bar, a 3.0 bar and a 3.5 bar, and all are used for different applications. Please see below for specific application data of each of the pumps:

Walrus TQ200

This is the smallest pump in the range, it produces 2.5 bar of pressure at 55 litres a minute. It can supply a building up to 24 metres in height and is used in smaller boosting situations. Normally, it is used where there is a combination boiler installed which heats hot water as it is being used. The lower flow rate give the boiler time to heat the water going through the heat exchanger time to heat. Ideal for 1 bathroom homes or apartments with lower water usage.

Walrus HQ200

Walrus HQ400

The most frequently installed pump in the HQ range, the TQ400 supplies pressurised water at 3.1 bar. It has a flow rate of 85 litres/minute and can supply water up to height of 31 metres. It is ideally suited for homes with 2 to 3 bathrooms and regular water usage.

Walrus HQ400

Walrus HQ800

This version of the HQ pump range produces 3.5 bar at an impressive 110 litres/minute. It is usually used for application where there are 3+ bathrooms that may have rain-head showers fitted or side-jets. The extra water flow capacity enables the use of the extra heads, etc.

Walrus HQ800

Please remember, when sizing your pump, it is important to remember a few key things:

  • Pipework size, minimum of 3/4″ diameter for sufficient water supply and discharge capacity.
  • Water storage tanks must be large enough to enable a large volume of water being used.
  • Type of Shower heads being used. Larger heads mean larger volume of water being used.
  • Hot water cylinder capacity. Larger than standard due to more being used.

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