Walrus Pumps Dublin

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For the best Value whole house domestic water pump available, the Walrus TQ400, get in contact.


Walrus Pumps Dublin

When connected to a pressurised cylinder in your home you can have high pressure water supply to all of your baths, showers and taps all over your house. These silent-running pumps can give many years of excellent service and are very reasonable in cost when compared to their main competitors. 

With over 260 of the TQ400 water pumps fitted in Dublin we are delighted to recommend them for their quality, efficiency and low power consumption.

2 year manufacturer warranty as standard, (subject to correct installation and usage), this pump is sufficient for a 4 bed home with up to 3 bathrooms.

For more technical product information please visit walruspump.com or get in touch with us using the contact form.

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