Walrus TQ400 Pump Service

We at City plumbers provide a comprehensive Walrus Pump Service. The main varieties of Pumps that are installed in the homes of Dublin would be the Walrus TQ200, Walrus TQ400 and the Walrus TQ800 pumps.

These pumps are usually attached to a pressurised water cylinder cold water inlet, which when the hot tap is opened, forces cold water into the cylinder inlet which forces the hot water out of the top of the cylinder through the expansion outlet,(hot).

Walrus TQ400 Service

What Walrus Pump would you need?

To determine the type of Walrus pump that is required, you have to consider the water pressure desired and any restrictions on the system that may limit the volume of water that can be supplied. For example, a combination boiler would limit the flow through the heat exchanger to a maximum of approximately 45 litres per minute due to the water being heated as it is being used. This would make the Walrus TQ200 the ideal choice for this type of installation. The diagram for this configuration is below.

Walrus TQ400 Pump
Combination Boiler System

Walrus TQ400 and a Pressurised Water System

The Walrus TQ400 pump and the Walrus TQ800 pump are used mainly in installations where a pressurised cylinder is installed. The cold water tank is installed in the attic which acts as a reservoir for the pump. From the cold water tank there is a 1″ feed into the supply inlet of the Walrus Pump. The pump then pressurises the water and in much the same way as a normal copper cylinder, the water is then fed into the cold water inlet of the pressurised cylinder through a pressuring reducing valve to limit it to a maximum of 3 bar of pressure. The pressurised cylinder is used because it can endure higher water pressure stress than a normal copper cylinder.

The hot water that comes out of the hot water outlet is pressurised throughout the house with the exception of the kitchen sink which is usually fed directly from the street water main.

Water booster pump
Whole House Pumped System

Walrus Pump Repair

The Walrus TQ Range of water pumps include the Walrus TQ200, Walrus TQ400 and Walrus TQ800 Pumps. They are very reliable and will give many years of continuous trouble-free service if installed correctly and maintained regularly. This involves checking the air pressure charge of the expansion vessel, the torque settings of the casing bolts, checking for any signs of a leak on the seals and ensuring that there are no leaks in any of the pressurised pipework around the house.

Should you experience any issues with your Walrus pump or need a walrus pump service, we carry the full range of spare parts and that, combined with our years of experience and full dealer support, can resolve any issue that you may have, quickly and easily.

If you would like more information or if you need assistance with your Walrus Pump, please fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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