Walrus Pump Repair Rathcoole

Walrus Repair Rathcoole today. TQ400 Pump was vibrating excessively and noisy throughout the house. Builder had installed the new pump when the house was built in 2008, and it had always been noisy but recently it had got worse. Noisy to the point where it was waking up the household during the night when a toilet was flushed.

The main seal on the motor shaft was worn due to not being looked at when it started to get noisy.  This could have been avoided by early intervention and a low-cost repair.

Water Pump Repair 

If your pump in your house starts to get noisier you should get it looked at. The noise is usually indicative of a bearing problem or a seal problem and will quickly deteriorate into a larger motor issue or could start to leak.

For Service, repair and replace Walrus Pumps, Stuart Turner Pumps, Grundfos PumpsWilo PumpsLowara Pumps,  Ebara Pumps and Techflo Pumps. If you have a different pump type Please call us and we can help.

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Walrus Pump Repair Rathcoole
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