Walrus Pump Repair Celbridge

Walrus TQ400 Pump Problem.

Called to a Walrus Pump Repair Celbridge. The problem of the pump was not switching on when the taps or showers were run.

Most often means that the control board PCB has gone faulty and needs replacement as the flow switch is not triggering and activating the motor when the water starts to flow.

Walrus Pump Repair Celbridge

After changing the PCB the power was restored and the shower was run and she started pumping the moment the shower valve was opened. This Walrus TQ400 Pump was seven years old and is still boosting the water pressure in the house as well as the day it was installed. 

There is often a very cost-effective alternative to having to replace your Walrus Water Pump. Our engineers carry a full range of spare parts and will soon have your pump running again.

Available 24 hours a day, we are here when you need us.

So for any Walrus Pump Repair Celbridge or anywhere in Kildare, or for a New Walrus Pump give us a call on 087-4048238 or contact us. Also you can read further information here.

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