TQ400 Walrus Water Pump

TQ400 Walrus Water Pump is a 3.0 bar, automatic water pump that is widely used in domestic water supply. Introduced in 2007, the TQ400 has been installed widely in new home developments and in home upgrades.

TQ400 Walrus Water Pump

The TQ400 Walrus Water Pump is designed to pump cold water to the cold water outlets and hot water cylinder. Due to it’s small design and footprint, it packs a lot of punch for such a small package. This, compared to the competition, makes it ideal for installation where space is at a premium. It fits neatly into kitchen cupboards, under the stairs, in the hot press or even the attic with ease. It’s relatively noiseless also, with a noise level of approximately 49dB only, making it one of the quietest pump available. It’s capable of boosting comfortably up to 20m, which means that it can serve everything up to a 3-story home.

Alternatively, for a combination. It supplies less water at 2.0bar, which allows the boiler time to heat the water passing through the heat exchanger.

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