TQ400 pump Repair

TQ400 pump

One of our engineers called to a house today for a leaking TQ400 pump repair. Walrus TQ400 pump was fitted here to a pressurised cylinder to give high pressure water supply around the home.

Householders had noticed a stain on the ceiling upstairs and realised that it was below where the pump was. He had a look himself and could not see anything obvious leaking so he called us to take a look.

Our engineer arrived and saw that the connection on the output side of the TQ400 pump had not been correctly tightened. So when the pump was operating, a little drip was escaping underneath the seal and down onto the floor under the pump.

When discovered and Once tightened, the drip stopped and the owner was shown the cause of the problem.

If you have any issue with your water pump then please feel free to contact us on 0874048238 or info@cityplumbers.ie . Alternatively, fill in the contact form here and we shall call you back.

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