Toilet not flushing

Toilet not flushing?  We can help!

If you push the button on your toilet and nothing happens chances are you need a toilet flush repair or replacement. There are two different types of toilet flushes.

Push button

Toilet not flushing

Or lever type

Toilet not flushing

Most modern types use the push-button type of which there are as many as 20+ different common ones in use in Dublin. If you find that you have a toilet not flushing then give us a call or send us a picture  and we can identify the type and get a direct replacement.

If you have a lever type toilet flush then it is most likely that the diaphram has split. This a piece of plastic inside the siphon assembly that pushes the water up into the flush and then it goes down into your toilet via either a tube from the bottom of cistern or through a close coupled set built into the back of the toilet pan.

So if your toilet is not flushing give us a call on 0874048238 or fill in the form and we will call you back.


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