Stuart Turner Pumps Dublin

Stuart Turner Pumps Dublin

For Stuart Turner Pumps Dublin, call the experts!

If your Stuart Turner pump is leaking then it probably means that your mechanical seals need to be replaced. These can fail for a few different reasons:

  • Water temperature too high on your immersion 
  • Aged and just worn out.
  • Rubber o-rings perished
  • Graphite seal split 
  • Motor shaft not spinning centrally due to motor bearings being worn.

Stuart Turner Pumps Dublin


Don’t worry if this happens though, we can fix these problems without the large cost of a replacement Stuart Turner pump. These pumps are tremendously well built and the component parts of the pumps are bulletproof and will last for years and will give many years of trouble-free service, but,  like a good car, they needs attention sometimes.

We have 15+ years years experience of Stuart Turner Pumps Dublin and we carry the full range of spares for repair and also the full range of Stuart Turner Pumps if a replacement  or a new pump installation is required. 

If you need advice or help with your water pump then please feel free to contact us or call us on 0874048238

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