Stuart Turner Pump Repair


Stuart Turner Pump Repair

  If you need a Stuart Turner Pump Repair in your home or office then don’t worry. We have specialist Engineers that can diagnose and repair your pump quickly and efficiently and at a great price. Whether you call it an Apartment Water Pump,  Shower Booster Pump or just a booster pump, they all describing the same thing.

Stuart Turner Pump Repair

The Stuart Turner M330N is the most commonly installed Water Pump in Dublin.

It is a Negative Head Pump type and is used primarily where there is a combination Hot/Cold water cylinder installed, or where the cold water storage tank is not very high above the hot water cylinder, (in apartments for example).

This is an excellent Pump and has given many years of trouble-free service to many, but they are now getting old and can give problems.

These most common problems can Include;

  • Leaking around the Motor Shaft
  • Very noisy whilst operating
  • No water flow when shower is run
  • No Hot water, just cold water
  • Pump does not run but just hums
  • Pump keeps switching on and off when no water is being used
  • When pump operates it trips the RCD breaker in the fuse box
  • Very low pressure from taps or shower
  • Toilets not flushing

All of these issues are easily fixed at your home or office with ease and at a reasonable cost.

Our Stuart Turner Pump Specialists carry a full range of spare parts and can get it back operating quickly. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to book a call-out.

Stuart Turner pump repairs

Stuart Turner Monsoon 2 bar Universal

The Stuart Turner Monsoon 2 bar Universal Pump is the replacement for the M330N pump. It is a superb water pump and gives few problems. If it does we can supply and fit a full range of Genuine spare parts which we carry. If, due to the pump being overly damaged and needing replacement, we can replace the pump as soon as possible. There is a 5 Year Manufacturers warranty included as standard across the range.

Shower Pump Repair
Stuart-Turner Showermate ST15 Pump

The Stuart Turner Showermate Eco twin pump is for use where you have a water tank in the attic. The Pump Includes flexible hoses for ease of fitting and for reduced vibration. Boosts water pressure to 1.5 bar for a single bathroom which gives a lovely powerful shower. This Pump is Ideal for boosting hot and cold water to a shower,  basin mixer and bath shower mixer tap. Call for more information or advice if you would like to have a chat about a new shower pump.

Stuart turner Pump Repair

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