Stuart Turner Pump Dripping

Stuart Turner Pump dripping

A Stuart Turner Pump dripping is usually a sign of a ruptured seal on the motor shaft connected to the impeller.

This usually happens on the hot side of the pump. This is the side of the pump that takes the stored cylinder water and pressurises it to increase the water flow to your showers or taps.

A few different issues can cause this to happen these are:

  • Immersion thermostats set too high
  • Degraded seals
  • Motor rotor vibration

The leaking will often get worse over time also so it worthwhile getting it fixed as soon as possible.

Our service team carry a comprehensive range of spare parts for Stuart Turner Pumps in their vans. This means that they can fix your pump on the spot and ensure no water interruption.

An engineer is always on call both day and night, every day. So if you have a problem, at any time, call for immediate service.

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