Shower Pumps

If you have a shower pump installed in your home, you may a have an issue with it sometime. If this is the case, we are here to help 24 hours a day.

Grundfos Shower Pump

There are many different types of shower pump, made by different manufacturers. Grundfos Shower pumps come in 1.5 bar, 2.0 bar, 2.5 bar, 3.0 bar and 4.0 bar pressure rating. Accordingly, Stuart Turner Shower Pumps are made with exactly the same pressure ratings too. These are both also made in two different types, positive head, and negative head. Positive head pumps can be used where the is sufficient distance between the cold water tank and the water cylinder. Negative head pumps are used where there is only a small distance between the cold water tank and the cylinder.

Stuart Turner Shower Pump

Other makers of these pump types are Salamander, Techflo, Watermill and Bristan, but these are not as commonly used.

Common faults with these pump can be repaired easily once the fault has been identified. Faults can include:

  • Pump humming but not running.
  • Leaking from one side or the pump.
  • Excessively noisy whilst running.
  • Excessive heat from the motor.
  • No sound from the pump when tap is opened.

Any of these symptoms suggest an issue that needs to be repaired.

Our engineers are fully trained and equipped to diagnose and repair all pump types, quickly and affordably.

If you need a shower pump repair, please call us on 087 4048238 or contact us here using the online form.

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