Oil burner red light

No matter if your burner is Riello burner or a Bentone burner, they work in the same way when starting. If your oil burner red light is coming on when you turn your heating on this signifies that there has been a problem with the ignition sequence due to a failure of one or more parts in your burner. When you press the reset button the oil burner starts it’s ignition sequence and you can tell most of the time at which point it is failing.

Oil Burner red light

Oil Burner Ignition Sequence

  • Motor starts to turn, this turns the fan and the oil pump to pressurise the oil. (If this continues for more than approximately 15 seconds and then goes to red light again most likely the pump is the issue).
  • Solenoid opens and a “click” noise should be heard. (Again, if not, then the solenoid may not be opening and may be faulty- red light again).
  • Burner ignition starts if previous steps ok, a mild clicking noise should be heard. (If not, the nozzle could be blocked or the electrodes inside the burner may be faulty). Red light again.
  • Flame lit, you will hear the “crump” sound of it lighting. (If it does this and runs for around 15-20 seconds the optical sensor could be either faulty or sooted-over) Red light again.

Oil Burner Repair Service

If a Oil burner red light occurs on your Oil Burner, be it a Riello Oil Burner or a Bentone Oil Burner, try to narrow the fault down as described above. If you then need any further assistance, call cityplumbers.ie for more information on 0874048238

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