Oil Boiler Repair Service

Oil Boiler Repair Service

Oil Boiler Service

We offer a specialist oil boiler repair service that operates 24 hours a day and we can respond to any issue that you may have.

 OFTEC Trained Engineers who can diagnose any problem that you may have. They then will advise you of the cost, and if wanted, repair the issue on the spot.

All of our engineers carry a full range of spares for all of the main oil burner types, (Riello Oil burner and Bentone Oil Burner types).

Also for the main Oil Boiler types, (Grant oil boilerFirebird Oil boiler and Warmflow Oil Boiler types).

Oil Boiler Service

If you should you require your Annual Oil Boiler Service or if you need our Oil Boiler Repair Service then we have Professional Trained Engineers available to resolve any issue or requirement that you have.

Our engineers carry a full range of spare parts for both the condensing oil boiler and older non-condensing oil boiler types.

An example of the manufacturers that we commonly maintain are:

  • Grant Oil Boilers
  • Firebird Oil Boilers
  • Turco Oil Boilers
  • Warmflow Oil Boilers
  • Buderus Oil Boilers
  • Sime Oil Boilers
  • Trianco Oil Boilers

Also we can service and repair the following Oil Burners:

  • Riello 40 G3B
  • Riello RDB
  • Riello G5X
  • Bentone ST108E
  • Bentone ST108PL
  • Bentone BF1 PL
  • Lamborghini Oil Burners
  • Clyde Oil Burners
  • Nu-way Oil Burners

Aiello oil burner

Charge for an Oil Boiler Service is €110

Should you not see your Oil Boiler or Oil burner listed here then please feel free  to contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

Oil Boiler Breakdown

If your Oil Boiler has broken down we are available 24/7 to assist you with your problem and we will get you up and running again quickly. All our engineers carry a full range of spare parts for all of the leading Oil Boilers and Oil burners.

Our charge rate is €90 per hour or part of.

Frequently occurring problems with Oil Boilers included;

  • Air in fuel line
  • Electrodes not sparking
  • Fuel nozzle blocked
  • Oil Pump not pressurizing kerosene/diesel
  • Control PCB broken
  • Fan motor bearing collapses and seizes
  • Blocked filter in oil line
  • Motor Capacitor blown

All of these problems are relatively easy to fix and do not take much time so are quite inexpensive. If you are having any of these  problems feel free to call us at anytime for immediate service.

Oil Burner repair

Replacement Oil Boiler 

When the time comes to finally replace your Oil Boiler we have many different options available to you.

Newer types of Condensing Oil boilers can reduce you fuel consumption by as much as 25%! This means that the boiler actually pays for itself within 4 years. If you combine this with upgraded heating controls and a central heating flush and you can even reduce this further up to 32%.

On average, the cost of replacing your Oil boiler can vary. Depending on the manufacturer of the boiler, size of the boiler,(heat output), type of boiler, (Outdoor, Boiler-house or Indoor Model). But a rough starting point can be found below.

Warmflow Boiler repair

oil boiler replacement

Warmflow Oil Boilers

The Cheapest Cost Replacement Oil Boilers, they work very well, but really need to be maintained at least annually to ensure correct operation and condition. Installed Price Starts from €2450 for a boiler-house 90,000 BTU model.

Firebird Oil boiler repair

oil boiler replacement

Firebird Oil Boilers

Firebird Oil Boilers manufacture a Great value, high quality replacement Condensing Oil boiler. These offer both exceptional build quality and longevity.

They are slightly more expensive than their Warmflow counterparts but this is reflected in the overall quality of the built product. Prices start at €2650 installed for these.

Oil Boiler replacement Grant oil boiler repair

Grant Condensing Oil Boiler

Our personal favourite here at City plumbers is the Grant Euroflame Condensing oil boiler. This boiler offers exceptional build quality, ease of maintenance and unrivaled fuel efficiency.

It is easy to see why these are the most popular Oil Boiler replacement in Ireland. With prices starting from €2650 it is still very competitive with the other manufacturers.

Maybe you have any personal preference for another manufacturer? Just let us know and we can supply and fit any type of Oil Boiler just please feel to contact us.

Oil Tank Replacement Service

Should you have a leaking oil tank or if you are finding that your old metal oil tank is disintegrating then we can supply and fit a replacement oil tank for you.

We remove any remaining oil from the old tank, then remove the tank and then fit a new tank which conforms to best industry recommend standards. All types of oil tanks can be supplied and fitted.

City Plumbers recommend Liffey Oil for the best value Oil prices in Dublin

Oil Boiler Repair

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