Oil Boiler not starting

Oil Boiler not starting or Oil Boiler Breakdown

If you have a problem with your Oil boiler not starting then check some of these simple checks to maybe get it going again.

  • Have you got oil? I know that this is an obvious one to check, but it does happen that you have run out unknowingly. 

Sometimes after a long period of cold weather you can find that you have used far more oil than you would usually. Dip the oil tank to check that you have more than 3 inches of oil at the bottom of the tank.

  • Is the boiler airlocked? If you got oil after running out, the boiler could be simply airlocked in the fuel line.

If you ran out of oil and had to get an oil fill, you could have an airlock in the fuel line. Using a spanner open up the end of the flexible oil line and allow the oil to flow until it is free flowing with no bubbles.

  • When you turn on the heating, does the burner start to make a noise?

If it doesn’t,  check the fuse or the circuit breaker for the heating. If it trips again, call an expert.

  • Is the flue pipe and air intake clear?

Sometimes during the summer, birds have been known to nest in the flue and air intakes of boilers. If this is the case, clear it out and reset the boiler.

  • Does the burner ignite and then cut off after around 15 seconds? 

This could be the flame sensor in the control box. It can get sooted over and needs a clean.

  • Does the burner just hum when it starts?

The starter capacitor for the motor may have gone bad. This will require a visit from a boiler engineer.

Oil Boiler not starting

Hopefully this should help you out if you do have an issue with your Oil Boiler or Oil Burner. If you need further help or advice then please feel free to contact us at any time over the Christmas and New year.

Merry Christmas to you and yours 

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