Oil Boiler not firing

Oil Boiler not firing

10:30 pm in Ballyfermot. Call for an Oil boiler not firing.

When the boiler was turned on, the burner started to run and it started it’s ignition cycle and then ignited and then stopped after about 10 seconds.

Our engineer arrived on site and quickly found the problem; due to the autumn coming around so quickly, the leaves from the garden had blown into the boiler house and were blocking the fan on the burner.

Quickly removed the leaves, reset the boiler and away she went.

Oil Boiler Breakdown

After a period of not using your boiler it is worth taking a few minutes checking that leaves, dust and debris haven’t accumulated around the burner air intake; this can cause an oil boiler breakdown to occur and this can cause air starvation or possibly even motor damage to the burner; so it is worth checking.

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