Noisy Walrus Pump

Noisy Walrus Pump?

If you have a noisy walrus pump then we can help.

Noisy Walrus Pump problem in Lucan , it was a Walrus TQ400 water pump is making funny noises and keeps going on and off.

Pump had been switching on and off constantly due to leaking push-fit elbow fitting. We personally would not use these on ANY pressurised water system because they are only held on with little metal clasps that can come loose when the pump runs and it vibrates and can cause these push-fittings to  become loose. This often happens when used in conjunction with a pump in the water system. For added peace of mind with your pumped water system or pressurised water system, insist that the installer uses only compression fittings, (i.e. nut and ring type).

Noisy Walrus Pump

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