Macerator Repair

A Macerator Pump is a type of pump that is connected to a toilet that grinds up solid waste so that it can be pumped upwards againt normal gravity more effectively. We offer a complete Macerator Repair service for major models.

Macerator Repair

Saniflo Repair Service

Macerator pumps are most often found in such applications as a basement located toilet/showers/sinks. Or it may be connected to an internally located toilets under stairs in a terraced house. where there is no direct link to the main waste pipe. The most widely used types in the Irish market are Saniflo and Grundfos Macerators.

Macerator Repair service

How a macerator works

Inside of the unit, there are stainless steel blades that “chop” the waste into much smaller pieces that can travel through a 40mm waste pipe. The unit can pump up to 6 metres up, and 20 metres across which is perfect for most locations. With it’s smaller waste pipe size, you can conceal it most anywhere with minimum effort.

macerator blade operation

Our team can repair and replace all of the main macerator models, including:

  • Saniflo Macerator
  • Grundfos Macerators
  • Sanimax Macerators
  • Homcon Macerators
  • Flo-Force Macerators
  • Turboflush Macerators
  • WaterEazee Macerators
  • Sanimove Macerators

Macerator Installation and Siting

Never had a macerator fitted before and would like advice on location, fitment or general queries ? One of our team would be delighted to assist you. Do you require macerator spare parts, we would be delighted to locate them or you require a macerator repair, just contact us.

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