Leaking Walrus Pump

Leaking Walrus Pump
walrus pump leaking

Customer had a leaking Pump. When this pump was installed, the plumber did not take into account that pumps vibrate; this caused the leaking Walrus Pump. Over time the pump vibrated against the solid 3/4″ outlet pipe and caused the securing bolts to become loose. This then allowed pressurised water to escape from between the gasket and the pump.

A rigid connection from your pump to your cylinder and cold water taps and showers can cause excess vibration. This is the case for not just Walrus pumps, but also all of the pump makers on the market.

A solution to this can include flexible outlet hose and an anti-vibration mat which absobs any vibration generated by the motor turning. The pump should also not be fixed to the floor as this also adds to vibration noise and the possibility of your walrus pump leaking.

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