Grundfos Shower Pump

Grundfos Shower pump
Grundfos Shower Pump

If you are looking to increase the pressure in your shower, there is a Grundfos Shower pump to suit. A range of plastic and brass pumps in ranging in pressure from 1.5 bar up to an 4 bar. This allows you to find the perfect fit when it comes to your showering needs and bathroom water pressure boosting.

Grundfos Shower Pump Range

Built from top quality materials, these pumps are built to last for many years of constant use. They are able to pump water up to 65°c which is more than enough to give a really hot shower. They have top quality motors that are powerful, yet quiet, and give a constant good delivery of pressure for your shower.

Positive Head Pump

Grundfos Shower Pump
Grundfos Positive Head Pump

Positive head pump used where the pump is fitted at least 2 metres below the cold water storage tank. This is the cheaper option between the positive and negative head pumps.

Negative Head Pump

Grundfos Negative Head Pump

Negative Head Pumps are used where the pump is fitted at less than 2 metres below the cold water tank. These have an expansion vessel which senses the shower or tap being opened, and effectively allows it to switch on. Positive head pump are more expensive as a result of the extra components required.

Whichever Grundfos Shower Pump is required for you installation, we can supply, fit and repair them. Call now on 087 4048238 for more details or get in touch using the contact form here.

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