Grundfos Scala2 Water Leak

On Saturday night last we were call to a house with a Grundfos Scala2 Water Leak. The Scala2 was located in a small attic space at the top of the house. It had been leaking for a while it would seem as water had stained the ceiling below.

 Grundfos Scala2 Water Leak

The issue that had drawn the attention of the homeowner was that the Scala2 kept running when no water demand was there. Every 5 minutes or so the pump would start for 10 seconds and then stop. Upon closer inspection, the pump had water leaking from the drain hole underneath the pump. This would signify that the seal inside the pump had failed. This is not an uncommon occurrence with the Grundfos Scala2 and we have come across this many times.

If you have a Grundfos Scala2 installed in your home then please inspect it from time to time. This will give you the peace of mind that this does not happen to you.

If you are concerned about a Grundfos Scala2 Water Leak, please call us on 0874048238 or contact us here 24 hours.

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