Grundfos Scala2 Red Light

Grundfos Scala2 Red light- what does it mean?

Grundfos Scala2 Red Light

Should your Grundfos Scala2 have an error during operation, it displays a red light to indicate an error. The red lights are located at the bottom of the control panel and are numbered 1 to 7.

Grundfos Scala2 Error

Depending on the indicator light being displayed, the pump is telling you what error has occurred.

Grundfos Scala2 Red Light Identification and Meaning

  • Error Light 1 – Mains supply failure. Check incoming power.
  • Error Light 2 – Pump is blocked. Motor could be faulty or debris in impeller enclosure.
  • Error Light 3 – Leakage in the system. Check leakage in the pump.
  • Error Light 4 – Dry running. Check for incoming water supply.
  • Error Light 5 – Maximum Pump Pressure has been exceeded. Call an engineer.
  • Error Light 6 – Maximum runtime has been exceeded. Check for overflowing toilet or dripping taps, etc.
  • Error Light 7 – The temperature is out of range. Pump is overheating, Call engineer.

After an red light error occurs, try to reset the pump firstly by using the reset button. If that does not correct the issue, check through the solutions listed above. These should help you to get your pump operating again, unless there is a more serious issue involved.

Should you have any further issues after resolving any of the above, further investigation may be required. Often an alarm on the pump is a sign of another issue that is present and the cause should be investigated. There have been numerous issues with the previous variants of the Scala2 before now. If you are unsure of the cause of the problem, our Specialist Grundfos Pump repair engineers can call to you and quickly diagnose any problem that you may have.

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