Grundfos Scala2 Pump

When installing a new water pump in your home, it is worth considering the Grundfos Scala2 Pump.

Grundfos Scala2 Pump

This is a variable speed water pump that adjusts it’s speed depending on the volume of water being called for. The Grundfos Scala2 can supply up to 5 bar of pressure, (depending on the use of a pressure reducing valve, which limits the supply to 3 bar to protect the pressurised cylinder), so it is more than adequate for any home up to 5 bathrooms.

It has a pleasing, easy to use display that allows you to adjust the pressure easily. It also displays fault codes via the use of the “magic eye” that has a light sequence to easily diagnose any errors with the pump or the water supply to the pump.

The three main applications for the Grundfos Scala2 pump are:

  • Boosting Mains Water Pressure direct from the mains water supply.
  • Pressure boosting from cold water attic tanks.
  • Drawing water from a well supply up to 8 metres in depth.
Grundfos Scala2 repair

This is a very well desined pump.Due to it’s simple, durable design, the Scala2 is vitually maintenance free. Therefore it will give years of reliable service.

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