Grundfos Scala2 keeps running

If your Grundfos Scala2 keeps running then you have a problem somewhere in your water system. It can be any one of two things; either a faulty pump or a leak in your water system somewhere in your home.

grundfos scala2 keeps running

The way to check which of the two things it is are:

  • Turn off the water pipe leaving the pump. If it keeps running the pump has an issue.
  • Check all of the taps, toilets and showers for any leakage of water. This would cause a demand for water which the pump would supply.

If the pump has an issue, it could be that it has a non-return valve stuck open, or has air in it and cannot build up pressure.

If it is not the pump, check for toilet overflows that are dripping into the toilet bowl. This would cause the pump to keep on supplying water and would keep the pump running.

So, if your Grundfos Scala2 keeps running, check all of the above. If the problems persists then call us on 087 4048238 or fill in the contact form here and we will contact you.

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