Grundfos Pump Selection

Whatever type of Grundfos Pump you require, there is a bewildering selection available, and it can be confusing which type to pick.

You can use the Grundfos Pump Selection Tool and try to decipher your way through the massive amount of options available, or, you could call us.

We have been supplying water pumps to the people of Dublin for nearly 20 years and would be happy to advise you on the type of pump you need, the cost of it and the installation options. We can supply every type of Grundfos Water Pump you could need at very competitive prices. Our engineers have a combined knowledge second to none and can install you new or replacement Grundfos Pump with the minimum of inconvenience.

Grundfos MQ35

Grundfos Pump Repair

Should you have any issue with your Grundfos pump that could include:

  • Pump running when no water turned on.
  • Leaking from the pump.
  • Very noisy operation.
  • Low pressure from shower or taps.
  • Vibration when operating.

These can be symptoms of a larger problem in your Grundfos pump. If you have any of the above or indeed, any other concerns with your pump call us. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days of the week. Call 0874048238 or contact us here using the online form.

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