Grundfos MQ3 Pump

Grundfos MQ3 Pump Issue

Grundfos Water pump replaced in Dublin city centre creche. It had been getting continually more noisy over time and eventually it stopped working. Motor bearings had completely collapsed and it was not really economically viable to replace them.

Grundfos MQ3 Pump

Customer has a shortage of space available and mentioned that a smaller pump than the Grundfos MQ3 would be ideal. Recently we have started to use a new, energy-efficient pump that is capable of delivering a flow pressure between 1.5 bar and 7 bar. This pump uses a permanent magnet motor that is variable speed and can vary it’s speed according to demand. The wear on the motor and the bearings are also greatly diminished due to the improved motor design and is designed for longevity of operation.

Grundfos mq3 pump replacement

Benefits of the Variable Speed Water Pump

The pump fitted is a variable speed water pump which means that if say you are using the shower and someone in another bathroom in the house opens the bath taps to run a bath, the pump speed increases automatically to increase the supply of water. This means that no longer will you get a rapid reduction in the pressure because you are effectively ‘sharing’ the water.

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