Firebird Oil Boiler

To ensure maximum fuel efficiency and safety, you should get your Firebird oil boiler serviced once a year.

Firebird Oil Boiler

An Oil Boiler Service should include

Lots of Plumber and Heating Companies offer an Oil Boiler Service, there are a few things to consider to when choosing. The correct way to service an Oil Boiler should be followed and there are there are industry approved guidelines to ensure safe operation.

Not all companies adhere to these guidelines however. You should make sure that the following items are completed during the service:

Complete Oil Boiler Service

  • Complete disassembly of oil boiler internal heat exchanger.
  • Thorough clean of all internal surfaces of your oil boiler.
  • Clean and inspection of baffles plates and turbulators.
  • Rotation of heat exchanger plates where possible.
  • Check of all combustion seals for integrity.
  • Full flue system visual inspection.
  • Clean or replace oil filter.
  • Replace oil burner nozzle.
  • Check flexible oil line or replace if required.
  • Check of oil supply line for condition and to find any leaks.
  • Clean condensate line and trap if condensing boiler type.
  • Combustion balancing through oil pressure and air shutter setting.
  • Use of a flue gas analyser to ensure maximum efficiency of burner operation and that the boiler meets carbon monoxide limits.
  • Check of operating thermostat and high limit stat correct functionality.
  • Test 3 bar Safety Valve Operation.
  • Check electrical supply and heating controls for safety.
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Reasons to get your Firebird Oil Boiler Serviced.

The main reasons are safety and reliability, but also there are less obvious reasons. For example, 1 mm of soot deposits on the internal surfaces of your boiler can reduce it’s efficiency by as much as 5%.

Potential issues with either your boiler or burner can be spotted early also, and this can prevent any expensive or inconvenient breakdowns happening .

For more information please see the OFTEC website for more detailed explanations.

OFTEC Trained Technicians

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