Domestic Water Pump

If you are experiencing problems with your water pressure in your house, taps or shower, you may have a water pump problem.

House Water pump

In areas where the water from the mains has low pressure, a water storage tank and a pump is used. The cold water tank acts like a reservoir and gives the pump capacity to supply a large amount of high pressure water before it runs out. All the while the tank is refilling from the incoming low pressure water main to refill the tank.

Several different types of pumps used. These include Walrus Pumps, Grundfos Pumps, Wilo Pumps, Techflo Pumps, Salamander Pumps and Stuart Turner Pumps. These are all widely used to increase water pressure in the home, and if they have a problem, they are easily repaired.

Water Pump Problem?

If you know where your water pump is in your house, apartment or business and you notice that it is running constantly, check first that there are no taps or showers slighlty open. Also check that is not a toilet overflow running constantly as this would cause your pump to think it needed to run to supply water constantly.

Low Water Pressure

If you have poor water pressure in your home permanently and would like to sort it, give us a call. We can go through your options to improve it. Some of these can include:

  • Pressurised water cylinder and Pump Combination
  • Combination Boiler
  • Electric Shower
  • Shower Pump Installation

We are available 24hrs a day to respond to any enquiry you have, or if you need a Water Pump Repair. Call us on 0874048238, WhatsApp us with a Inquiry or fill the web contact form and we’ll call you back.

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