Domestic Water Pump Services

Domestic Water Pumps

A large number of modern homes or apartments make use of a water pump to add extra pressure to the water supply where it is needed.

This can be achieved by using a shower pump, a booster pump or a pressurised system water pump.

These pumps are used to increase the water flow rate in areas where the incoming mains water pressure is low and is not adequate for good showering or poor tap pressure is present.

There a three main types of pumps used in homes around Dublin; Positive Head Pumps, Negative Head Pumps & Whole house Pumps. Typically they are one of three main manufacturers- Stuart Turner Pumps, Grundfos Pumps or Walrus Pumps.

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Positive Head Water Pump

– used with a vented hot water cylinder where the cold water storage tanks are in the attic of a house and sufficient “head” pressure is available.

Negative Head Water Pump

– used when there is insufficient “head” pressure to activate the operation of the pump when a shower/tap is opened. They are used mainly in apartments that have combined hot and cold water cylinders.

Negative Head Water Pump
Stuart Turner Negative Head Pumps

Whole House Water Pump

The last type of water pumps that are used where a pressurised water system is installed. These use stored water from tanks and feed a pressurised water cylinder and every pipe that comes from this cylinder is then pressurised.