Cold Water Booster Set

cold water booster set

We completed a twin pump cold water booster set this week. 4.0 bar twin Ebara pumps variable speed pumps , 12 litre expansion vessel, non-return valves. Servicing 24 apartments, 6 floors over basement and filling combination cylinders in apartments.

Old pumps had screeching bearings and had trouble building up pressure to 3.0 bar. They were 21 years old, pump types were obsolete and the controller had also signs of burnout. The customer wanted a pressure upgrade also as the top floor apartments were experiencing lower water pressure at peak times.

We decided on variable speed pump types, increased the storage tank capacity and built the cold water booster set. This took two days from first contact to installation which exceeded the customer expectations greatly. We matched the flow in and out manifold sizes sizes to ensure the minimum downtime of water to the apartments. The work was commenced at 12:00 am when water usage was at a minimum, and completed by 2:45 am. This included all electrical work, commissioning and testing.

cold water booster set

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