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Central Heating Repair

Your heating system in your home usually just works in the background unnoticed until it goes wrong. This is usually at a most inconvenient time and when it is cold and at night time. That’s when you need a central heating repair and that’s where we come in!

If you have a problem with your radiators not heating up, boiler not coming on or slightly warm radiators then we can help.

Central heating repair

Basic Central Heating Overview

Your Central Heating System is not as complicated or as confusing as it may appear to be if you know exactly what you are looking at.

Our Engineers are experts at installing, maintaining and repairing central heating system. We specialise in both Gas and Oil Heating systems, which are both exactly the same in their operation just with different heating fuels.

To explain it simply, your Gas Boiler or Oil Boiler turns on when you hit your heating button. It then puts fuel and oxygen in to the boiler which is mixed by way of a fan. This is then ignited by a spark inside the boiler combustion chamber.

This then lights the boiler and is the soft ‘crump’ noise that you will hear if you are standing close to your boiler.

The flame in the boiler combustion chamber then heats up water that is pumped through the heat exchanger. This is then heated and is then pumped out into your heating system by the circulation pump. This pump is either built-in to your boiler, (system boiler), or an external circulation pump, (heat only boiler).

This looks like this…

Circulation Pump

The hot water from your boiler then goes to two places –  your radiators and your hot water tank, (copper cylinder).

Heating problem

Copper cylinder leaking

The hot water travels around your heating system continuously until either the timer goes off on your heating controls. This a preset thermostats tell it that is warm enough. (these can can be either wall mounted, boiler mounted, fitting on your radiators or a cylinder thermostat).

Heating controller upgrade
Wall Mounted Thermostat
Central heating problem
Cylinder thermostat

Radiator not heating

TRV Valve

Central Heating Repair Reasons

If for any reason your heating system does not heat up, or your radiators are cold then it could be just a simple fix that is needed.

Sometimes your heating system pipework can get a leak in a pipe or around a valve. This would cause a boiler pressure loss. This in turn could prevent your boiler turning on to prevent any damage being caused to the boiler.

If your boiler is coming on but the radiators are not heating up then you could have an issue with your circulation pump because the water is not being pushed out from the boiler to the radiators. This causes the operating thermostat to think that the water in the heating system is warm enough and the boiler will just sit there doing nothing.

Many of these are simple central heating repair problems and can be fixed quickly and easily; if it is just advice that you require then please feel free to contact us for more information or call 0874048238.

Central Heating Repair
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