Walrus Pump Range

For any type of application you have, the walrus pump range will have what you need. From direct in-line water booster pumps to vehicle multi-stage centrifugal pumps, Walrus Pumps have the full range. The ever popular Walrus TQ400 is the staple water pressure boosting pump in domestic and light commercial use. This is now being … Read more

New Bathroom Time?

If the time has come for a new, shower installation or a bathroom upgrade we can help. We design and fit a full range of bathrooms to suit every size of room and every budget. From the initial design through the plumbing, carpentry, electrics, painting and tiling we take care of everything. With prices starting … Read more

Grundfos Scala2 Pump

When installing a new water pump in your home, it is worth considering the Grundfos Scala2 Pump. This is a variable speed water pump that adjusts it’s speed depending on the volume of water being called for. The Grundfos Scala2 can supply up to 5 bar of pressure, (depending on the use of a pressure … Read more

Leak in Apartment

Please bear in mind that if you have any leak in apartment and it goes into the apartment beside or below you that you are responsible for any damage done. This can involve expensive insurance claims on your insurance policy and this will cause your insurance premium to go up the following year. Any leaking … Read more

Stuart Turner Pump Dripping

A Stuart Turner Pump dripping is usually a sign of a ruptured seal on the motor shaft connected to the impeller. This usually happens on the hot side of the pump. This is the side of the pump that takes the stored cylinder water and pressurises it to increase the water flow to your showers … Read more

Electric Shower Repair

If you are having a problem, and need an electric shower repair, no matter what type it is, we can help. We supply, fit, install and repair all types of electric showers in your home with the minimum of fuss. We deal with all of the main Electric Shower types, including: Mira Triton Aqualisa Our … Read more

Grundfos MQ3 Pump

Grundfos MQ3 Pump Issue Grundfos Water pump replaced in Dublin city centre creche. It had been getting continually more noisy over time and eventually it stopped working. Motor bearings had completely collapsed and it was not really economically viable to replace them. Customer has a shortage of space available and mentioned that a smaller pump … Read more

Plumber in Adamstown

Need a Plumber in Adamstown or Lucan? Emergency Plumber Available 24hrs for immediate service and rapid callout for any plumbing or heating problem. With no callout charges or expensive out-of-hours rates. We offer great value for money and a completely professional service. Our Team will repair any problem that you may have in a quick … Read more

Walrus TQ400 Churchtown

7 year old walrus TQ400 pump leaking through the seals on the motor shaft. It had started to make some loud grinding noises whilst it was running and then just stopped pumping water altogether. A piece of iron oxide had passed through the filter and had lodged in the impeller housing and had jammed the … Read more