Walrus Pumps Problems

087-404823 24 hour Emergency Service Walrus Pumps Problems are our specialty of our company. Over the 19 years that we are in business we have repaired thousands of walrus pumps for customers. We can call to your home or business at a time that is convenient to you and repair your pump. The walrus range … Read more

TQ400 Walrus Water Pump

TQ400 Walrus Water Pump is a 3.0 bar, automatic water pump that is widely used in domestic water supply. Introduced in 2007, the TQ400 has been installed widely in new home developments and in home upgrades. The TQ400 Walrus Water Pump is designed to pump cold water to the cold water outlets and hot water … Read more

Grundfos Scala2 keeps running

If your Grundfos Scala2 keeps running then you have a problem somewhere in your water system. It can be any one of two things; either a faulty pump or a leak in your water system somewhere in your home. The way to check which of the two things it is are: Turn off the water … Read more

Grundfos Scala2 booster pump

The Grundfos Scala2 booster pump is a constant water supply pump unit used mainly in homes. With a maximum working pressure of 6 bar, the Scala2 offers total flexibility for boosting water pressure in your home. Integrated into the unit, the energy efficient motor and impeller design only create 47 decibles of noise. Pressure vessel, … Read more

Grundfos CME booster pump

GRUNDFOS CME Booster Grundfos CME Booster a very compact, frequency-controlled booster pump for a variety of domestic and light industrial applications. Use of the CME Booster ensures constant water pressure regardless of variations in demand or inlet pressure. Variable speed pump that can be adjusted according to water usuage demand, resulting in lower running costs. … Read more

Grundfos Pump Selection

Whatever type of Grundfos Pump you require, there is a bewildering selection available, and it can be confusing which type to pick. You can use the Grundfos Pump Selection Tool and try to decipher your way through the massive amount of options available, or, you could call us. We have been supplying water pumps to … Read more

Wilo HiMulti 3

Firstly, the Uniquely Designed, the Wilo HiMulti 3 Water-supply system with automatic pump control system has two versions. Non self-priming version ( HiMulti 3 C ) or self-priming version ( HiMulti 3 CP ).‎ Pump Applications Perfectly designed for use withWater supply (drinking water certification in accordance with ACS). Sprinkling. Irrigation. Rainwater utilisation. Wilo HiMulti … Read more

Grundfos Scala2 Water Leaking

Called to a home where there was a Grundfos Scala2 Water leaking in their hotpress. The pump had only been installed for less than 18 months as the house was a new build. Unfortunately the Grundfos Scala2 Water leaking is quite a common issue with certain production date codes. This issue has since been resolved … Read more

Grundfos Water Pump

Grundfos Pumps are world renowned for producing excellent pumps products. They are designed to last and are built of the best materials that ensure longevity of use. Grundfos MQ3-35 Pump The Grundfos MQ is a complete pump incorporating pump, motor, pressure vessel, pressure and flow sensor, controller. It boosts your cold water supply to sinks, … Read more

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