Burst Water Tank

Burst Water Tank

Burst water tank replacement needed. 2 am in Lucan, Dublin. Water was pouring down through the ceiling and light fitting. Attic tank had burst due to incorrectly fitted Stanley range.

Boiling water was ‘pitching’ out of the safety overflow in the attic back into the cold water storage tank,  the tank got too hot, the plastic went flexible and started to deform which caused it to split.

Bear in mind that these tanks hold in excess of 200 litres for the smallest, (50 Gallon, tank, so when you get a leak a crack or a split then there is going to be a serious amount of water waiting to flow out and down through you home. If you have a metal tank still in your attic, you should really get it changed immediately as these give no warning before they burst and they can just drop a section of the tank leading to severe damage.

Replacement attic tank this morning with repair work to Stanley Range.

To prevent a burst water tank like this please contact us or go to Cityplumbers.ie to get yours checked free of charge.

Burst water tank
60 Gallon water tank split


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