Walrus Pumps Ireland

Walrus Pumps Ireland are an excellent choice for pressurised water supply in your home or business. To understand which walrus pump you require you have to first decided on what pressure you require at your showers, etc. There are 3 main types of pumps available; a 2.5 bar, a 3.0 bar and a 3.5 bar, … Read more

Walrus Pumps Problems

087-404823 24 hour Emergency Service Walrus Pumps Problems are our specialty of our company. Over the 19 years that we are in business we have repaired thousands of walrus pumps for customers. We can call to your home or business at a time that is convenient to you and repair your pump. The walrus range … Read more

Walrus HQ Series Pump Range

For any Walrus HQ Pump Range requirement in Dublin we should be your premier choice. With 20+ years experience in water pump repair and maintenance we know all about water pumps. Walrus HQ series Water Pumps The Walrus HQ Series Electronic Water Pumps were first introduced in 2017 as a successor to the Walrus TQ … Read more

Grundfos Scala2

The Grundfos Scala2 is a variable speed water pump produced as an All-in-One Constant Pressure Pump. Widely used in homes across Europe, it is an excellent choice for home water pressure boosting. The excellent Grundfos SCALA2 pump is a fully integrated, compact water pump for pressure boosting in domestic applications. The SCALA2 incorporates an integral … Read more

Walrus Pump Repair

Walrus Pump repair today in Monkstown today. From the image above, you can see that there was water on the floor at the front of the pump. This was caused by vibration over time which caused a retaining bolts to come loose. This was caused by excessively rigid pipework from the pump, causing it to … Read more

Cold Water Booster Set

We completed a twin pump cold water booster set this week. 4.0 bar twin Ebara pumps variable speed pumps , 12 litre expansion vessel, non-return valves. Servicing 24 apartments, 6 floors over basement and filling combination cylinders in apartments. Old pumps had screeching bearings and had trouble building up pressure to 3.0 bar. They were … Read more

Grundfos Scala2 Red Light

Grundfos Scala2 Red light- what does it mean? Should your Grundfos Scala2 have an error during operation, it displays a red light to indicate an error. The red lights are located at the bottom of the control panel and are numbered 1 to 7. Depending on the indicator light being displayed, the pump is telling … Read more

TQ400 Walrus Water Pump

TQ400 Walrus Water Pump is a 3.0 bar, automatic water pump that is widely used in domestic water supply. Introduced in 2007, the TQ400 has been installed widely in new home developments and in home upgrades. The TQ400 Walrus Water Pump is designed to pump cold water to the cold water outlets and hot water … Read more

Grundfos Scala2 keeps running

If your Grundfos Scala2 keeps running then you have a problem somewhere in your water system. It can be any one of two things; either a faulty pump or a leak in your water system somewhere in your home. The way to check which of the two things it is are: Turn off the water … Read more

Walrus TQ400 Water Pump

The Walrus TQ400 Water Pump is one of the finest pumps that you can have installed in your home. The build quality is superb and the pump design is very simple and is designed for years of trouble-free service. This pump itself is compact and designed for ease of installation where space is at a … Read more

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