TQ400 Walrus Water Pump

TQ400 Walrus Water Pump is a 3.0 bar, automatic water pump that is widely used in domestic water supply. Introduced in 2007, the TQ400 has been installed widely in new home developments and in home upgrades. The TQ400 Walrus Water Pump is designed to pump cold water to the cold water outlets and hot water … Read more

Grundfos Scala2 keeps running

If your Grundfos Scala2 keeps running then you have a problem somewhere in your water system. It can be any one of two things; either a faulty pump or a leak in your water system somewhere in your home. The way to check which of the two things it is are: Turn off the water … Read more

Walrus TQ400 Water Pump

The Walrus TQ400 Water Pump is one of the finest pumps that you can have installed in your home. The build quality is superb and the pump design is very simple and is designed for years of trouble-free service. This pump itself is compact and designed for ease of installation where space is at a … Read more

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