Grundfos Scala2 booster pump

The Grundfos Scala2 booster pump is a constant water supply pump unit used mainly in homes. With a maximum working pressure of 6 bar, the Scala2 offers total flexibility for boosting water pressure in your home. Integrated into the unit, the energy efficient motor and impeller design only create 47 decibles of noise. Pressure vessel, … Read more

Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps

Stuart Turner Monsoon pumps are quite possibly the finest shower pumps ever produced. Despite their relatively small size, Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps are powerful and quiet, giving great water delivery. Solid and well made using high quality components which ensure it will work for years. All of this, with a 5 year warranty, make for … Read more

Grundfos CME booster pump

GRUNDFOS CME Booster Grundfos CME Booster a very compact, frequency-controlled booster pump for a variety of domestic and light industrial applications. Use of the CME Booster ensures constant water pressure regardless of variations in demand or inlet pressure. Variable speed pump that can be adjusted according to water usuage demand, resulting in lower running costs. … Read more

Well Pump Installation

To complete a successful Well Pump Installation you need to consider a number of factors. Such as: All of these different things need to be worked out before a Well Installation. With many years of experience in the field of pumping equipment we can help. Borehole depth. Borehole diameter. Flow rate of water requirement. Pipe … Read more

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