Toilet not flushing

Toilet not flushing?  We can help! If you push the button on your toilet and nothing happens chances are you need a toilet flush repair or replacement. There are two different types of toilet flushes. Push button Or lever type Most modern types use the push-button type of which there are as many as 20+ … Read more

Dripping Overflow

Have you got a dripping overflow pipe outside your home? Chances are that your ball valve needs replacing  and is not working correctly which has made the water level in your cold water tank rise up above the level of the overflow pipe. This is a very easily fixed problem which just involves shutting off … Read more

Plumbing Repair

Plumbing Repair Service in Dublin If you need a plumbing repair service in Dublin, give us a call anytime. We are available 24/7 and we are only a phone call away for any plumbing problem or plumbing repair that you may need no matter how serious or insignificant it may seem. We cover all of … Read more

Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumber Lucan If you need a Genuine 24 hour Emergency Plumber in Dublin then give us a call. We respond to all calls both day and night so if you are experiencing Plumbing problems anytime contact us or call us on 0874048238.   Some of the many issues that we deal with are: Burst pipes … Read more

Property Management Plumber

Property Management Plumber For a reliable Property Management Plumbers service we are the number one choice for your out of hours Plumbing Emergencies in Dublin and Surrounding areas. We offer a full 24 hour 7 day a week service to property management companies,  landlords and business owners alike. This includes: Plumber on-call 24/7. Average response … Read more

Water Storage

Water storage solutions Ok it so it may be a little bit late for this current heatwave,  but water storage, saving water and collecting, (harvesting), rainwater can help both you and our water supply network. Simple things that can be done include adding rain-water butts to gutter down pipes which collect the rain that falls … Read more

Stuart Turner Pump

Stuart Turner Pump Repairs If you live in an apartment then you will most likely have a Pump fitted to your Shower and Taps which provides water pressure. If you have no water coming out when you turn on your shower or taps then it is likely that you have a problem with that pump … Read more

Plumber Lucan Available 24/7

Plumber Lucan available 24hrs Call Plumber Lucan if you have an emergency situation and need a Plumber in a hurry – Call us on 0874048238 We are a fully registered and insured Plumbing company based in Lucan and we have Engineers on call throughout the day and night seven days a week. We will respond … Read more

Why is there a hosepipe ban

20% of engineers think water systems in good condition Why is there a hosepipe ban? It takes a load of professional ‘engineers’ to tell us what the dogs in the streets are saying. Why don’t we address the problem of Dublin City Council? Their ‘water supply division ‘ have been doing nothing since it’s … Read more

Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain Called out to a blocked drain in a shopping centre last night due to water not draining from sinks in bathrooms in cinema and restaurant.   Don’t put grease from kitchens whilst cooking down the sink drain. It congeals and eventually blocks the pipe and leads to a blocked drain. Call 0874048238 for … Read more

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